What makes us unique?

We offer you a completely flexible online system...


This is probably the most cost effective online 360 Degree Feedback solution on the Web!



We capture both Importance to Job as well as Level of Competence

Our 360 degree feedback questionnaires capture feedback not only of Level of Competence but also importance to job. We believe that this is a crucial part of the 360 degree feedback process as it gives the significance of the personality, behaviour or level of competence to the persons job role. Whilst this is a standard feature of our feedback it can be partially of totally disabled.


Why you should use 360reports.co.uk


Low cost / high value

Here at 360reports.co.uk we offer an outstanding service which is so cost effective you'll find you can offer 360 degree feedback to more people in your organisation for the same budget.

Minimal investment of you time

We have our own off the shelf assessments, or we can tailor the questionnaire to your needs. We can easily incorporate your own competency model and values. We can use your logo and branding so that people know you are involved.

We focus on getting you results

You can just press the button, we will manage and deliver the results. We will set up the system, communicate with all people, monitor progress and deliver the reports. You can then focus on your business while we focus on getting you results. No software needs to be installed – you just need a web browser. We do all the rest - that's it, couldn't be simpler.

We support you

We will provide you with support and help each step of the way. Our customer team will help you with any questions from respondents to business sponsors, on any 360 degree feedback issue.

Best practise communication

Clear communication of the 360 degree feedback process helps your programme to succeed. We can work with you to provide you with best practise communication that gets people giving high quality feedback, whilst managing potential emotions involved in the whole process.

Onging support

We can provide you with value added consulting and post 360 coaching if you require it. We are also happy to work with your internal HR team to sustain people’s development.


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