Step by Step Guide

Four basic steps is all it takes.

We have streamlined the end to end process to guarantee a successful outcome for you whilst minimising the investment of your time.



Time is money.

Here at 360reports.co.uk we realise that your most precious commodity is your time. We have streamlined the end to end process of delivering impactful 360 Degree Feedback Reports to ensure you get the results you want without wasting your precious time. The four steps are simply ....

Step 1 - Create the foundations

We agree with you your outcomes. To ensure your outcomes are achieved we determine with you your organisation's readiness for the 360 Degree Feedback Process. We explore with you the most effective way your people can receive the feedback this process generates and specifically who will be available in your organisation to support those receiving feedback, help them create development plans etc.

We agree with you the competencies that you want to use which can either be taken from our extensive competency library or use your existing ones or a mix of both. We will even add new competencies at no extra charge. We agree with you your data gathering and reporting requirements along with any other specific requirements. Finally we agree with you the method of communication, you nominate the people you want surveyed. We do all the rest - that's it, couldn't be simpler.

Step 2 - Gather the data

We contact each of your nominees by email and introduce ourselves and the process to them. We guide them as to how to enter their own nominations of people they wish to receive feedback from into their own personal 360 account. We then manage the data collection from all those involved, including follow up communication to those who have not completed feedback questionnaires.

Step 3 - Produce the reports

We have made the process so simple that your up front involvement is minimal whilst ensuring that your outcomes are delivered. We agree with you your competency framework, you select the reports you would like to use and then nominate the people you want surveyed. We do all the rest - that's it, couldn't be simpler.

Step 4 - Implement the learning

The 360 Degree Feedback process will have highlighted areas for development. Create and implement a development plan using the learning from the 360 Degree Feedback to maximise your investment from the whole process.





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