Example questionnaire

Example questionnaire

Below is an example of how our questionnaire works. Please feel free to click the mouse to make a response.




How to complete the questionnaire

To make a response to a question, click the mouse on one of the circles to the right of the question being answered. As you move the mouse over each circle, a yellow box will display on the screen just underneath the circle. When you select a circle, the value from the yellow box will be entered as your response. If you wish to change your response - simply click the mouse on another circle.

Demonstration - click on the circles next to the 3 questions below to try out the look and feel of giving 360 degree feedback .

360 questionnaire for Mike Smith completed by their manager Martin West
Importance to job
Level of Competence
All written communication is clear, understandable and business relevant
All verbal communication is clear, understandable and business relevant
Adopts flexible approach which reflects different audience and situational needs





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