Using 360 Degree Feedback

Using 360 Degree Feedback







How does it work?

  • 360 reports will contact you via email and ask you to complete a form supplying the email of your feedback providers, i.e. your line manager, direct reports and colleagues

  • 360 reports will send each of them an email, containing a link to the online questionnaire. This is then completed on-line and received by 360 reports

  • each person selected will then assess the individual for their current performance level on the same set of behaviours using a simple to use rating scale

  • 360 reports will also email you an email containing a link to the questionnaire, which you complete about yourself

  • 360 reports will then compile your report and email it to you

Implementing 360 Degree Feedback ?

Download our Implementation Question & Answer guide

How long will it take to complete the questionnaire?

  • Each questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete

How can 360 feedback be used?

  • Make you aware of your strengths and development needs
  • Make you aware of how your colleagues perceive your behaviour at work
  • To help you identify your strengths and how to maximise these
  • To provide you with the basis of a personal development plan
  • To give you feedback on the competence and skill set of your business
  • To help create a culture of open feedback and discussion of behaviour

Who uses 360?

Anyone who is committed to improving their performance at work.

  • Senior managers
  • Business owners
  • Middle managers
  • First level managers
  • Graduates
  • Coaches
  • HR Managers

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